Law: DuneMud Player Rules

Like any other place, DuneMud has rules that need to be followed. This is a list of rules every player is expected to follow during their stay on the mud.

1. Conduct: A loose code of conduct is expected to be followed. Type 'help conduct' and 'help harassment' to see what we expect of you conductwise.

2. Bugs: Reinforcement of bug abuse is found under help bug. You are not to abuse bugs (duh).

3: Cheating: See above, and 'help cheating'. Cheating is not legal.

4: Quests: While quests are no longer mandatory, under no circumstances is info about quests to be distributed. Also included is quest aid, quest help, quest hints, etc. The quests are meant to be figured out by the quester alone.

5: Wizards: Do not bug wizards for items, experience, stat increases, title changes, alignment changes, money, etc. They are not to alter your character in any way. If a wizard speaks to you, he or she probably has a good reason, and a prompt response is appreciated. Ignoring requests or orders from wizards will result in the assumption that you are running a script while you are not at the keyboard.

6: Advertising: As an act of common courtesy, please do not advertise other muds you play. You may ask for IPs, but do not advertise. You would not like it if we logged on to your mud and did the same thing.

7: Multiple Characters: You may only have one character on at a time, including linkdead characters. If you want to have another on, you must log the first one off. There is no excuse for a double login! More than two characters are allowed per person, but there are restrictions within an ip: no money transfers are allowed! This includes transfer through a third party, dropped money, etc., and will be punished by a two month suspension and a deletion of all solaris for both players on the first offense. Characters played by the same person are not to help the other in any way, even if the aforementioned 'one character logged on at a time rule' is not violated. This includes passing money or equipment between characters (via other players or the ground).

8: Player Swapping: A single character cannot be played by more than one person. This also includes having one person start a character and then handing it off to a second person for playing.

9: Pinging: Please refrain from pinging wizards. If you need help please send a tell. Pinging of Dune's server is highly discouraged. Flood pinging of players constitutes harrassment.

10: Idling is not illegal. Idling with antiidle triggers is. (It violates the rules on macros/triggers described in 'help cheating'.)

11. It is illegal to discriminate a player by his alts. You can ask a player who are his alts, but it is his right not to answer. YOU MAY NOT PUNISH A PLAYER WHO REFUSES TO TELL YOU WHO HIS ALTS ARE.

12. There is no limit on the number of characters a person may have on Dune. As such suiciding a character is an action which results in the permenant loss of all information relating to that character. Mailing Admin about retrieving former characters gfiles and the like will be frowned upon. So don't ask.

It is impossible to include every possible scenario. There may be times when a wizard may feel you violated the SPIRIT of the rules, and he/she will warn you. You are not to repeat those actions again.

These rules are simple to follow. Not following these rules will result in bad things happening to you, including, but not limited to, loss of levels/stats, character deletion, character banishment, site banishment, and physical or mental anguish.

If these rules are unclear to you, feel free to mail 'law' with your questions.

See also: cheating, conduct, harassment, punishment, botting, lookup