Law: Punishment

   What is done to your character(s) when you don't abide by the simple     
rules of DuneMUD.                                                           
   As a deterrent, and as a way of reminding you that if you want to play   
on this MUD, you have to follow the rules that we've set.                   
   When deciding on a punishment for an infraction, previous infractions    
are considered.  We consider the player's history with us on the MUD, as    
well as prior infractions, but use the punishments listed for each          
infraction as a guideline in our decision.                                  
   Decisions may be appealed through the use of a different character (you  
may need to start a new character to do this) by contacting the wizard who  
punished you (lookup <yourname>).  If that doesn't work, then you may       
try contacting Mreh directly (tell mreh <a message with content>) or        
through MUDmail (mail mreh).                                                
   If you follow the proper forms, your case will be reviewed, and your     
punishment may be reduced or removed.  Under certain circumstances, the     
black mark against you may even be stricken from the public record.         

See also: lookup, rules