Law: Conduct

Dune is a virtual community made  up  of real people from the real world.   
As in all communities, there are certain general rules of conduct  to  be   
observed  while  playing  this game. ALL PLAYERS AND WIZARDS on Dune must   
follow these generally loose set of rules.                                  
1. Harassment is not tolerated here. This would include pestering someone   
for their email address repeatedly after they've said "no", to harassing   
someone because of their  gender  or  age.  Joking around is allowed, but   
when a player tells you to stop, do so. The punishments can  be  anything   
from level deduction to banishment.                                         
2. Try to respect others. Like in the real world, people want to stay  in   
a community when they are treated fairly and kindly. If harassment occurs   
or  some  other  disrespectful conduct, please tell a wizard so that they   
can help make the community a better place to stay.                         
3. Make  sure  you  treat  new  members  of  the  dune  community kindly;   
therefore, no luring newbies to  shieldwall/arena  or  other  areas  that   
would cause him/or her certain death.                                       
4.  Generally, if a wizard tells you to stop saying something on chat, do   
so. Do not give  him/her  smack  because  Dune  is  not  a right, it is a   
5.  Admin fishing, the process of asking one wizard for something, then     
asking another and another until you get the answer you want, is NOT        
tolerated, in any form.  If you are found admin fishing, expect bad         
Failure to follow these simple (come on, isn't this  what's  expected  in   
real   life?)   rules  will  result  in  disciplinary  actions,  such  as   
site/character ban ishment. Please,  make  everyone's stay here pleasant   
and enjoyable.                                                              

See also: bug, cheating, harassment, rules