Short Hand Directions

Around the MUD and the Wiki you are likely to see in-game directions expressed in a shorter format. Fear not, it's easy to figure out with a bit of instruction.

The general idea is to express directions to a given place on the MUD in two parts:

  1. The nearest Astroport (AP)
  2. A “factored” list of the directions needed to get there

The first part is merely the main landmark. To learn more about astroports check out the space help file. The second part sounds more complicated than it is. It will be expressed as something like:


This is a condensed representation of:

east, south (twenty-nine times), enter, north (four times), west, north

As you can see repeated directions are replaced by the shorthand of that direction and the number of times it is to be entered.

The available shorthands are:

Direction Shorthand
east e
west w
north n
south s
northeast ne
northwest nw
southeast se
southwest sw

Other commands you might see: enter, out, up, down.