The Spacing Guild

    Usage: order <ship> to <destination>                                 
                 engage to <destination>
                 list (while at an AP)                                   

Please note that additional charges will be imbued according to planet and politics. If you do not specify a type (i.e. use engage), a Guild ship will be issued.

Example of 'list' dusplay:

Your port of call is: Wallach. The following shuttles and destinations are ready:
      Shuttle (cost,time)                     Destination (cost)
      Atreid  (200,10)                        Arrakis     (very expensive)
      Guild   (800,5)                         Caladan     (very expensive)
      Harko   (400,8)                         Chapterhouse(medium)
      Imperial(1600,3)                        Giedi Prime (very expensive)
      Newbie  (10,10)                         Ix          (very cheap)
      Smuggler(80,12)                         Salusa      (very expensive)
      Trader  (50,14)                         Tleilax     (very expensive)

The Spacing Guild controls all space travel in the known Universe. The shuttling system is designed to have a delay in the calling of the ships and depending on how much above and beyond the base price of the shuttle you pay in spice is how fast the shuttle will be delivered. Remember, orange spice gas is what has mutated the Guild Navigators from their original human form. They fold space in this mutated form and have powers that the Bene Gesserit, Imperial and other great houses of the Landsraad try and use, but the Spacing Guild reserves exclusive rights over all the space travel which they feel gives them an all powerful position to observe that another Butlerian Jihad will never again need to be executed.

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