General: Guilds

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Name of Guild Planet Location from AP Prerequisites
Atreid Caladan 6n, enter None
Bene Gesserit Wallach 4w,enter Female
Fish Speaker Arrakis e,29s,enter,4n,w,n Female
Fremen Arrakis 9e,5n,rocks None
Harkonnen Giedi Prime w,s,s,enter,d Level 120
IMG Ix see help IMG 100,000 solaris
Tleilax Tleilax 5n,e Male, Max 4
Warrior Chapterhouse w,enter Male, Max 20
Sardaukar Salusa Secondus 4n Lvl 25, $3M
Honored Matres Wallach n, enter Female, Max 9

Also, feel free to ask any of the guild members about the advantages of their Guild. Most members are eager to get new members and will likely tell you all you need to know. Also go to one of the guild rooms and type guildinfo. That will give you a description of the guild also.