MUD/General Skills

In addition to guild skills there are a number of mud-wide skills for you to train.
Included in this category are weapon, defense, and repair skills among others.

You can see the current skills you have trained in with either the 'skills' command or the 'skillcheck' command.

Combat Skills

Skill Trainer Notes
Axes and maces Ix e 2s e 3n
Bullet weapons Ix e 2s e 2n u n
Crysknife Secret (hint: Arrakis)
Hand to hand Caladan 4w s
Headbutt Secret (hint: Ix)allows one to 'headbutt' while in battle
Knives and daggers Caladan 2w n 2w
Lasers Ix e 2s e 2n w
Long blade weapons Caladan 2w n
Offhand fightCaladan w nreduces penalty for wielding a weapon in your off-hand
Short blade weapons Caladan 2w n w
Staves and oaks Wallach s w
Thrown weapons Wallach 2s w
Two-handed weapons Wallach s e
Whips Wallach 2s e

Defense Skills

Skill Trainer
BlockIx e 2s e 2n 2u w
Dodge Ix e 2s e 2n 2u n
RollIx e 2s e 2n 2u e

See: help defense

Other Skills

Evaluate OpponentWallach 4s wSee the helpfile.
Evaluate TreasureWallach 4s e
First AidCaladan 2e n Used by some guilds, Caps at 100
Repair ArmorsCaladan 2w s door
Repair WeaponsCaladan 2w s
SandwalkingFind a fremen guildmemberFremen allies only
SearchWallach 3s eUseful for quests
SkinWallach 5s 'engage to forest town' 2w n wNot fully implemented, Caps at 100
SneakWallach 3s w Caps at 100
StealSecret (hint:Salusa)