Communication: pose

Syntax : pose (message)

Pose is the 'fireball' command used by level 25 players, as well as any wizards. If this function is abused, it could possibly be removed… One side note, the message can only be so long. Pose without a message sends a pillar of fire into the air. CP cost is based on message length…

Syntax: pose [f=<colour>] [b=<colour>] [l] [L] <text>

Will send a funny colored ball of flames in the sky spelling some text.
h: show pose history
f: foreground color : red, green, yellow, purple, pink, cyan, random
b: background color : (same as fg colors)
l: make foreground color bold
L: make background color bold


 Random bold foreground/background:                                       
     pose f=random b=random l L Paradox is sexy!                      
 Specific foreground colour:                                            
     pose f=pink b=random I <3 Mreh!