Communication: mail


       mail <player>                                                        
       mail <group>                                                         

All players can read and write mail regardless of their location on the MUD. For historical reasons, there is a post office located north then northeast from Caladan's astroport.

To enter the mail system, type 'mail'.
- To read your most recent unread mail (if any), simply press 'Enter'.
- To read a specific mail, type its number and press 'Enter'.
- For other inmail commands, type 'h' and press 'Enter'.

To write a mail to a particular player, type 'mail <playername>'.
- You will be prompted to enter a subject. Type one and press 'Enter'.
- Your prompt will change to “1]”. Type your message. When you are done, enter “**” on a line all by itself (without the quotes) and press 'Enter'.
- You will be offered the ability to CC people. If you wish to, type in a comma-separated list of other people and press 'Enter'.
- To abort a mail in progress, type “~q” on a line by itself.
- Type 's' to send your mail, 'e' to edit it and 'a' to abort and discard it.

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