General: Experience

Experience on Dune is used to improve your “power.” You accumulate experience in combat through fighting, using skills, damaging your opponent, and ultimately killing your opponent. Experience can be spent on many things:

Skills Stats Guild Powers Levels

Experience is simply a means to an end. By itself, it has no value. Spending it, however, gives you valuable rewards. For example, you may wish to improve your stats (Str, Con, Dex, etc) as a player. You then, in your guild, spend experience on these stats. In your 'score' you will see “Total Experience” listed. This is the amount you have to spend. If the power you are buying costs less than your total experience, you will succeed. In this scenario, you may wish to advance your stats even further and notice you need to raise your level. You can then spend experience on raising your level, and do it all again.