As you wander along the world of DUNE, you will come across many types of equipment: weapons and armour. For example:

  • A shortblade in perfect condition (Short blade weapons)
  • A NEWBIE armour (large)
  • Leather Armguards (medium)

There are several types of weapons and armour, many can have requirements for wearing them, for instance level limits. You also need to be the proper size to wear any given armour, as a small helmet will hardly fit an extra large character! While weapons do not have sizes, you need to learn the appropriate weapon skill to wield them (naturally, as you progress in that skill you will be more efficient with your weapon). To put equipment on/off, there are several commands:

  • wield - Wields a weapon
  • unwield - Unwields a wielded weapon (or all)
  • wear - Puts on an armour
  • remove - Removes a worn armour
  • powerup - Wields all weapons, wears all armour you have on you.
  • powerdown - Unwields all wielded weapons, removes all worn armour.

Once you have your equipment on, you can check how good they are by checking your statistics with the following commands

  • score - Shows your statistics (some equipment boost your stats
  • types - Shows all armour types you have on
  • protection - Shows how well your different body parts are protected.
  • coverage - Shows what armour is protecting which limb

See also: inventory, keep, wield, unwield, powerup, powerdown, wear, remove, score, types, protection, coverage, weapons