Combat: Advancement

Syntax:  Varies.                                                            
     The primary way to advance skills is by heading to one of the various  
trainers on the MUD.  Groups of trainers exist on Caladan, Ix and Wallach.  
You can also ask a member of House Atreides to train you in most skills,    
at a modified cost.  Finally, all combat skills can be raised by simply     
using them in battle.                                                       
     Weapon skills (except "Offhand Fight") and defense skills can be       
raised to 2000, while the remaining skills can be raised to 100.            
Levels and Stats                                                            
     You raise your level or your stats by heading to your guildhall and    
typing 'advance <stat name>' (for stats) or 'advance' (for levels).         
You can lower your stats using 'reduce', and you can reduce your level by   
Guild Skills                                                                
     These are almost always trained by finding the relevant mob or room    
in your guildhall and using the relevant advancement command.               

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